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Fifty years ago . . .

the BFC congregation worshiped in the building that is now Herrick Auditorium on the campus of Southern Nazarene University. On a Sunday morning in June 1969, after years of dreaming of a new Sanctuary and watching it come to life over the course of its construction, the congregation walked together across the street into a new Sanctuary.

It’s the same room that serves today as our home base for worship and many of the sacred moments of life — where we faithfully practice one of our primary values: being with God in worship together. We have a deep appreciation for God’s faithfulness to us here as we have heard the preaching of the Word, committed our lives to Him, lifted our children up to Him, found healing and peace, said "yes" to His call, been equipped and sent out in faith — moments that have made us who we are.


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The Future

Last November, considering the wear and tear of 50 years on our Sanctuary — broken chairs, stained carpet, uneven sound coverage — the church board voted to begin a feasibility study for Sanctuary renewal, asking the questions: what is the right timing, right scope of work, and right investment to make in an upgrade?

Through the winter, many options were studied and discussed, leading to a special in-depth meeting in March and an overwhelmingly positive vote by the board in April. The conclusion: now is the time to seriously address the future of our Sanctuary. Through the upcoming months, the board asked for the refinement of a draft design and the refinement of a renovation budget that is not to exceed $4.5 million.

The board further directed that the vision and plans be shared with the whole church and that the voice of the congregation be
heard in a vote on September 8. We are confident that God will lead our future as He has led our past. As we seek His direction for BFC’s future, we also want to fill the house with our testimonies of His faithfulness through the past 50 years.

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What’s your story?

As we celebrate what God has done, will you reflect on your encounters with God in this place? What are the sacred moments
in your life that happened here in this Sanctuary?

We want to hear your story. Click here to share your story with us. Attach a picture if you have one. Let’s remember and share praise for all He has done.

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