Prayer List

Week of October 13


Doug and Margaret Eaton, our Eswatini onsite coordinators

Our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who are being harassed, wrongly imprisoned, tortured, and murdered because of their unwavering faith in Jesus Christ

David and Sylvia Potter, serving in tihe island nation of Vanuatu

Local, state, national, and international leaders, their advisors, and those serving in the military, including chaplains


Worship Arts Pastor Chad Dorough, his wife, Lauren, and their daughter, Lillian

The Sonseekers Sunday School Class led by Kep Keoppel

The Henryetta Church of the Nazarene pastored by Tim and Janette Cole


Please contact the Congregational Care Office if a family member is or will be hospitalized.

Hospitalized (as of Friday): Judy Archer, Charles Case, Melba Case, Michael Crabtree, Garrol Dockum, Duane Mersman

Undergoing Treatment for Cancer: Katelyn Amos, Abby Brobston, Judy Corbin, Karen Cox, Kevin Diffee, Beverly Gatlin, Lana O’Hair, Crystal Perales, Debbie Richards, Eunice Robinson, Nancy Scheiern, Sara Smith, Karen Webb, Bert Wellman, Brent Wilkerson, Yulanda Woods, Jaime Wright

Health Concerns: Andrew Jace Allen, Ted Bader, Christal Boxberger, Curtis Broyles, Norma Brunson, Bob Carden, Cathy Choat, Harold Dozier, Kathy Farrow, Hudson Haws, Lavonna Jolliff, Lana Lambkin, Laura Lighthill, Catherine Linton, Bob Mallam, Jamie Thedford, Latina Trent

Bereaved: The Family of Sam Sheehy

Victoria Siems