Each fall and spring, BFC offers weekly classes and groups where you can learn, deepen your faith, and become more like Jesus in various dimensions of your life.  We call them “electives” because you have choices. Elective sessions focus on Bible teaching, discussion with others, and the application of God’s truth to one’s life. Typically, an elective is 8 to 10 weeks in length, depending on the type of class or group.

Current Electives

Retreat in Daily Life  

Facilitator: Ellyn Marsh
September 15, 2019-May 2020 | 5:30pm | Room 322

Based on the tradition and prayer practices developed by St. Ignatius centuries ago, Retreat in Daily Life is a unique discipleship opportunity that guides participants to find God in all things. Rather than going to a retreat center or event, participants make a retreat in the flow of their daily lives for a period of 30 weeks. This retreat is an adventure toward encountering the Living God through the narratives of the Gospels.

The Retreat will broaden your desire to embrace more of what God has for you by leading and equipping you to partner with Him as you pray the scriptures and He is revealed in your daily life.

Tap the link below for more detailed information, including class format and cost.

The First Step: Interview with a facilitator. The interview process is an opportunity for you to learn more about the retreat and to begin prayer practices that prepare you for the prayer journey in scripture. Email for an interview appointment: Ellyn Marsh emcc3832@gmail.com, Joan Jenkinson jljenk@live.com, or Pam Eggleston pseggleton@yahoo.com.  



Community Bible Study 

Speaker: Judy Walraven; Facilitator; Stephanie Jones
September 17-November 5 | 9:30 | Atrium

Judy Walraven teaches live during this study of Paul’s Epistles: Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Participants dig deep into God’s Word with daily reflection work and weekly small group discussion. Small groups begin at 9:30, and the large group session begins at 10:30. The cost of the workbook is $20.


Celebrate Recovery

Every Tuesday of the year | Chapel, 6:30pm

Celebrate Recovery is a program for anyone who struggles with hurts, habits, or hang-ups. It facilitates the recovery process that shows the loving power of Jesus Christ. Each week includes worship, teaching, and small groups.



Conversations with Jesus in the Gospel of John 

Facilitator: Dr. Hal Cauthron
September 11-October 30 | 6:30 | Room 123

The Gospel of John is noteworthy for the series of conversations between Jesus and individuals or groups. These discussions point toward many of the central truths that Jesus speaks, and turn into opportunities for the beginning or developing of relationships with Jesus and the Father who has sent Him. Through careful reading of these conversations, we will be challenged to learn about these discussions, and how they apply to our lives today.


Masterclass for Manly Men 

Facilitators: Skip Rowland, Andrew Schlecht
September 11-December 4 | 6:30 | Room 100

Author and historian Stephen Mansfield writes, “I want to identify what a genuine man does—the virtues, the habits, the disciplines, the duties, the actions of true manhood—and then call men to do it.” In this class based on Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, Skip Rowland and Andrew Schlecht will discuss timeless maxims and gripping examples of heroic manhood from ages past in order to inspire men to become their best, most manly selves. Mustaches and beards are optional. 

Life’s Healing Choices 

Facilitators: Terri Cob, Mark Patredis, Charlie Correll
September 11-November 6 | 6:30 | Room 025

This class centers on eight healing choices that Jesus offers in the Beatitudes. Reading, prayer, writing, and discussion form the core activities in this class. Life’s Healing Choices shares stories of hope, focuses on your future, your personal responsibility for your happiness, and challenges you to join with others in making a commitment to Jesus Christ. It is a class that facilitates taking action steps to see changes in your life. The cost is $10.



September 11-November 20

Facilitators: Cyndi Lamb, Joan Jenkinson
6:30 | Room 121

Facilitators: Mike Brooks, Tim Adams
6:30 | Room 026

Do you want to know and love God better? Do you desire that you more nearly reflect the character of Jesus Christ? Apprentice is a class that is dedicated to helping you be transformed into greater degrees of Christlikeness. Outside reading with class discussion and participation in spiritual training exercises is expected. The book cost is $15.


Community Bible Study (Rebroadcast) 

Speaker: Judy Walraven; Facilitator: Stephanie Jones
September 18-November 20 | 6:30 | Room 022

This class is a rebroadcast of Tuesday’s live session, taught by Judy Walraven. This study focuses on Paul’s Epistles: Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Participants dig deep into God’s word with daily reflection work and weekly small group discussion. The cost of the workbook is $20. 


Financial Peace

Facilitators: Brad and Crystal Mercer; Ricky and Sarah Nimmo
September 11-November 20 | 6:30 | Room 122

Financial Peace is an engaging, transformative, nine-week money management course that follows the financial teaching of Dave Ramsey. The cost is $109 per family unit.

Divorce Care 

Facilitators: Don and Paula Anderson
August 21-November 20 | 6:30 | Room 124

Divorce Care is a Christ-centered program that provides hope, healing, and support for those going through the difficulties of divorce. The class provides a safe, loving, and confidential environment to truly become stronger through divorce. The cost of the workbook is $15. 


Divorce Care for Kids 

Facilitator: Kari Sapcut
August 21-November 20 | 6:30 | Room 222

Divorce Care for Kids, a companion class to Divorce Care for ages 6-12, gives the opportunity for children and their parents to have meaningful conversations about the issues they face in a fun, friendly, and loving environment.

Learn to Speak Spanish  

Facilitator: Winford Akins
September 4-December 4 | 6:30 | Room 024

Career Spanish educator, Winford Akins, leads this engaging, interactive class experience dedicated to helping participants learn to speak Spanish. All levels of learners are welcome.


Embrace Grace  

Facilitator: Kali Bernhard
August 28-November 20 | 6:30 | Room 027

Embrace Grace provides emotional, physical, and spiritual support to single and pregnant young women and their families.  Contact Kali Bernhard, kalibernhard@gmail.com.