Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Daily Devotional

One of the trademarks of following Jesus Christ and coming under his influence is that things change. Inner transformation involves recognizing that we are not really as in control of life as we might want to believe. Allowing God to help us surrender our false pride and allowing Him to be in control, directing our life, is key.

Proverbs 29.23

Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The power to change only comes through God’s grace. If we admit that our pride keeps us from acknowledging our powerlessness to do the right thing, we are on the threshold of experiencing God’s grace and help. Pride is something that traps us when we can’t admit we need help. We can be free of pride which robs our serenity. When we welcome God’s presence, we leave no room for false pride because He makes us aware of our true selves. Surrendering our pride to the Lord, admitting we are powerless to restore ourselves, we turn to God in reliance on His power.

Cheryl Sherrick