Baby Church

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Baby Church is provided 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after all regular Sunday and Wednesday services, as well as during special events as indicated in the Connection Card. Baby Church is located on the first floor at the North lobby.

What To Bring

Bring disposable diapers, bottles or sippy cups, pacifiers if needed, and a change of clothes. Be sure to label everything you bring with your child’s name.


Potty Training

We will do our very best to partner with you in the goal of potty training, but we ask that your child be totally accident-free for a month before you swap pull-ups for underwear during church.

Nursing Moms

We have a room designed just for nursing moms. Please feel free to use it anytime you need a space for feeding, changing, and watching the morning services. Our Nursing Moms Room is the first door on the left inside Baby Church.

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Children with runny noses, fever, persistent cough, or signs of a contagious illness cannot be accepted in Baby Church. A child must be free of fever or diarrhea for 24 hours before he or she may attend Baby Church.

Teachers are not allowed at any time to administer medication. However, parents may sign a permission form to allow teachers to administer Orajel, Mylecon, or Desitin.

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication is a time when your family can commit to raising your child to know and love Jesus, to guide their eyes to the Word of God, their feet to the Sanctuary, and their heart towards anything that pleases God. It also allows our church family to come alongside you in support as you raise your child to know and love the Lord.


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