Will Your Heart Lead You Astray?

To find the path that will take us to the best destination in our lives, we must break the cycle of self-deception.

Monday – Psalm 139.1-6 Have you ever been puzzled by your own actions, asking yourself, “Why did I do that?” or “What was I thinking?” Pastor Rick reminded us, reading from the book of Jeremiah, that our hearts, by nature, can deceive or trick us. We really do need and can benefit immensely from the Lord’s pure knowledge of us, his familiarity with us. He really knows you, why you do what you do, and what you need most− honesty with yourself. Are you ready to ask God to reveal the motives of your heart to you? He will, but waits to be invited.

Tuesday – Psalm 139.17-18 What is something that you would describe as being “precious” to you: certain people; certain items that you possess? The psalmist David was captivated by the reality of the unfathomable magnitude of God’s knowledge of him. Does that truth about God’s knowledge of you captivate you? Even when things about “you” don’t make sense, you can rest and trust that God fully and thoroughly knows and understands you. Ask today that he will help you think honestly about your life and decisions from his knowledge of you and your situation.

Wednesday – Psalm 139.23-24 In the verses immediately preceding those that we read today, David is speaking against those who are evil toward those who despise God. But how does David conclude his prayer? He asks the Lord to show him the truth about his way of thinking. Was he on a path leading to a good destination? He shifted his focus back to God’s loving knowledge of him, humbly asking for enough insight to discern the right path. How do you need God to reveal the truth about yourself so that you can walk in freeing obedience in your life?

Thursday – John 8.31-33 It can be easy to say we want God, but then not embrace the truth he reveals about our need. It’s called denial, and it blocks God’s freeing work in our lives. In this passage, it seems people had a warped view of their own history and their identity. They were in denial about their own past, stating that they’d never been slaves to anyone. Really? Hello, anybody remember a place called Egypt? Ask God for grace to see and acknowledge any truth about yourself of which you may be in denial. That step can lead to freedom from bondage.

Friday – John 1.14 Jesus is full of grace and truth. At his essence, God is gracious toward us, and also is able to speak the truth about us and what we need in order to experience his grace in a life-changing way. And that’s what we really need, isn’t it? Both grace and truth? Do you only desire his “grace” in your life, or do you also desire to have him speak “truth” to you about yourself and the paths you’ve chosen or are choosing? Freedom comes from welcoming him, full of grace and truth, into your heart and mind.

Saturday – Jeremiah 17.9-10 “How does God describe the human heart? How does this truth complicate things for us in determining the paths or decisions we make? When you are willing to ‘come clean’ with yourself about the uncomfortable truth behind your choices, you’re on the verge of freedom” (Andy Stanley, The Principle of the Path). Today, spend time talking with God about decisions you’ve made or are making that determine your path. Do you need to “come clean” with God so that you can change directions in some aspect of your life?