Who Are You?

Monday – John 10.24-30
In this passage, Jesus is found in a crowd of those who do not know Him and is answering a rather impossible question. If He speaks plainly that He is the Messiah, then He will be crucified before the proper time. How interesting that Jesus, using the metaphor of sheep and shepherd, says that because they are not His sheep they cannot understand that He and the Father are one. Spend a few moments today to reflect on this. As a follower of Christ, as one of the sheep of the Good Shepherd, we believe that Jesus inhabited the human life but was also God. Today, remember the first time you proclaimed, “Jesus is Lord.”

Tuesday – John 10.1-6
As the sheep of the Good Shepherd, we hear the very voice of God. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit, who empowers those who follow the way of Jesus. Read verse 5 multiple times. Allow it to consume your mind. Throughout your day, run from any voice you hear opposed to the great voice of God – the voice of God is calling you to greater and higher things as you devote yourself to Him.

Wednesday – Mark 8.22-26
As we hear the voice of God, it often changes our perspective. Many scholars believe that the author of the Gospel of Mark depicted this healing in such a way to reflect the sight of the disciples. They could see, but they didn’t perceive; they could hear, but they didn’t yet understand. Often, it is so in our lives. In your conversations with God, continue to ask for the wisdom that comes from God alone. Ask God for the wisdom that changes the way you see the world to the way that God desires you to see the world.

Thursday – Numbers 21.5-9
Often the reality is that in the process of God changing the way we see things, we can become impatient. There is no better parallel than to look at Israel, the chosen people of God. In the desert they become impatient, and natural consequence follows. This passage displays the activity of God in a revelatory way – God doesn’t take away the serpents that are biting them, but rather supplies a way for the people of God to continue living.

Friday – 1 Peter 4.1-2
What happens in the process of hearing the voice of God, changing how we see things, and looking for the activity of God, is that the way we live our lives is transformed. What Jesus does on the cross is not a stand-alone event; indeed, we are invited to live a cruciform (cross-shaped) life with Jesus! As you spend time reflecting on this today, remember that living this way brings us true life. Instead of a life in bondage to sin, we live a life in response to the great love of God.

Saturday – Hebrews 13.15-16
Life in Christ is a gift that is meant to be shared. As followers of Jesus, we are called not only to become more like Jesus but to help others come to know Him. One of the ways that we do this is by sacrificing the good for self to achieve the good for the other. Some would define love this way. By way of reflection today, make it a point to love someone and share what you have.