What Do You Want?

As we read out of the Gospels where people find themselves in need, Jesus gives them a whole new reality. Let these scriptures lead you into the new reality that Jesus gives. May you gain understanding of what it means to embody resurrection life.

Monday – John 1.35-42. In our lives, we often long to discover something that lends itself to the continual discovery of Jesus. John Wesley recognizes this as “the one thing needful,” which is Jesus Himself. As we read passages where people find themselves in need, Jesus gives them a whole new reality. At the root of any type of need is the recognition that we deeply need Jesus. We will find this week that it is not always physical sight that needs restored, but sometimes a new perspective. Prepare your heart for the new reality Jesus will bring.

Tuesday – Matthew 20.20-28. We will read similar accounts from Matthew, Mark, and Luke this week. These books are often referred to as the synoptic gospels for their similar points of view. In each encounter, Jesus asks the question, “What do you want?” In Matthew 20.21, the mother boldly asks for her sons to be seated with Jesus in His Kingdom. The response to her request is shocking. Identify the difference between her request and the new reality that Jesus explains. How does this change your reality?

Wednesday – Matthew 20.29-33. In the same chapter, we find Jesus asking the same question to a different crowd—two men who heard Jesus coming. The people who were walking along the way with Jesus were quieting the men who were calling out to Him. Though the crowd disregarded the men’s needs, Jesus stopped and asked the same question of them. Jesus restored their sight and brought about a new reality. Spend time pondering the question, “What do you want?” How will your reality change?

Thursday – Mark 10.35-45. In Mark’s account of the gospel, we come across a similar story to the one we read in Matthew 20. Though there are differences within the passages, we recognize that the desire is still to be with Jesus. The request is to be in a place of honor or power, but the way in which Jesus views their place in the Kingdom is different from what they expected. Maybe this is similar to the reality you discovered in Matthew 20. Continue to explore this new reality in prayer.

Friday – Mark 10.46-52. Here we are again. A large crowd follows Jesus and just like in Matthew’s account, a blind man hears Jesus is coming. The crowds are once again hushing a man who knows all he needs to gain his sight is Jesus. The question resurfaces, “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus recognizes in his own way the one thing needful: Jesus. Bring your awareness to this one thing throughout your day. Take time to write down how Jesus meets your needs along the way, just as He did for Bartimaeus.

Saturday – Luke 18.35-43. We read Luke’s account of the encounter between Jesus and the blind man. As you read, spend time comparing the three different accounts of this story. Bring your attention to the end of the passage, “immediately he recovered his sight and followed him…” Is it possible for your new reality to come about immediately? If you have embraced a new reality with Jesus, allow these words to resonate within. Whether your need is physical, mental, or emotional, sit with the question “What do you want?” Then cling tight to the answer that is your one thing needful: Jesus.