We Come to Church - Broken

As we reflect on the church being called to be a vehicle of healing and wholeness, we’ll examine a few of the many passages where Jesus, through his ministry of healing, revealed Himself as the Messiah.

Monday – Mark 2.1-12. Jesus surprised everyone in the house by declaring the paralyzed man’s sins to be forgiven. God is the one who forgives, and to the teachers of the law, Jesus was committing the ultimate of sin–blaspheming. If you had been the man on the mat, what might your first response have been to the words your sins are forgiven when you’d longed to hear you are healed?

Tuesday – Mark 3.1-6. Jesus seemed to love to heal people on the Sabbath, but it always stirred up trouble, didn’t it? Jesus was burdened because they had neglected the spirit of God’s law and focused on the letter of the law, which then burdened and controlled people, and took the focus off of God’s goodness. Jesus sets people free to love and obey God with joy. We were designed to work from the love of God and not for the love of God.

Wednesday – Mark 6.1-6. This is a story that also has a sobering reality for us today. Apparently, we can welcome, resist, and even refuse God’s grace. Jesus does not force people to receive Him, but waits to be welcomed and invited. He will allow us to choose whether or not to receive Him, but we will receive Him on His own terms, not ours. We cannot put conditions upon God.

Thursday – Luke 4:38-44. If you were able to go back in time and witness the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus, would this be one of your favorite scenes to observe? Read the passage aloud, slowly and more than once. Place yourself in the scene and pay attention to that sense of awe and joyful delight at this revelation of Jesus doing the work of Israel’s Messiah.

Friday – John 5.1-15. Imagine this crowd of people in seemingly helpless situations hoping against hope for healing. We do not know why this man was singled out by Jesus. And why did Jesus ask this question, “Do you want to be healed?” Ask yourself: “Do I desire to allow God to do His will in my life?” Where might He desire to do some healing work in you?

Saturday – John 9.1-11. Jesus is using this occasion of healing to not only heal a man’s physical needs, but to continue to reveal that God’s Kingdom had arrived in His own person and messianic ministry. He also corrects a false narrative that physical suffering was a direct result of a person’s own sin or that of one’s parents. Jesus is revealing a God who is good, pure goodness.