The Old Me vs The New Me

Monday – 1 John 1:5-10. Light and darkness is a metaphor that we often use, but it’s helpful to understand just what it means to be made in the image of God. Therefore, our image is light. Righteousness with God comes from confession of sins and walking in the light. Knowing that light is the one thing that allows relationship with God and relationship with others. What does it look like to bear light in the darkness of your world?

Tuesday – Psalm 31. A beautiful thing happens when we allow Scripture to become prayer. The words of this Psalm confirm in our hearts that God is interacting with the world and that we can trust in God knowing that he is our refuge. Read through this Psalm several times. Allow a few words each time to stick out to you and choose some to remember throughout your day. Let those words breathe life into you so that you might bring life to others.

Wednesday – John 17.20-26. In our desire to become more like Jesus, we not only observe that Jesus prays, but we in turn pray to the Father. Jesus prays for unity because it is the way the world will know that it was God who sent Jesus. Today, let the prayer of Jesus transform your prayers − allow intimate communion with the Spirit of God so your prayers may be in unity with the Father.

Thursday – John 14.10. As we read this verse, we understand that the words and the works of Jesus come from his unity with the Father. Relationship with God is an invitation into a dance with the Trinity. As Father, Spirit, and Son all dance in unity together, we are invited to join that dance to become more like him. When we do this, it ends up changing the words we use, and the works we do. What are some of the words and works that you might want to get rid of in your life? What are some of the words and works that you’d like to take on as a follower of Jesus?

Friday – James 1.22-27. Christianity requires a certain level of self awareness in the sense that we ought to be aware of what we are doing and where we are doing those things. We can’t just look in the mirror and forget, but we must be aware of what we are doing. Not only are we to observe of the Word of God, but we are to bear the light of the Word of God in the dark places of our world. Therefore, Christianity goes beyond your daily devotion − it begins to infiltrate your world and how you live in it.

Saturday – Deuteronomy 1.6-8. The false narrative that all humanity believes is this: “We are shaped by a picture of the world that fosters a competitive spirit and that believes there is scarcity of resources rather than abundance.” As Christians, we find the truth in this passage − it is God who provides. As you reflect on this passage today, think of the ways God provides life for you.