Teach Our Children

This week we will look at different characteristics of service. Pray that God would move in your life as you seek to reflect Jesus in every aspect of who you are.

Monday – Luke 7.36-38. Humility. When was the last time you brought all of yourself before the feet of God? This woman, who we are informed is sinful, comes to the feet of Jesus, risking embarrassment and rejection, in order to serve Jesus. What a powerful image of a God who accepts a sinful woman who washes His feet with her sweet perfume and sorrowful tears. She gives Jesus the best and worst parts of her, and we watch as he accepts her.

Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 13.1-3. Love. Service devoid of love is not service at all. In fact, it is often out of our love that we truly serve others. Treating some with patience or kindness is a way that we serve someone else. Service looks like not being easily angered when someone cuts you off in the traffic. Service and love cohabitate the same space in our lives.

Wednesday – Mark 10.23-27. Joy. Our lives are so full, that thinking of adding anything else (even if it is a positive addition) to our To Do list can be overwhelming. In this passage, the rich young ruler is asked to give up his wealth in order to create space in his life for Christ. Is there something in your life that you need to quit in order to have enough margin to serve out of joy instead of duty?

Thursday – 2 Corinthians 9.6-8. Generosity. How we choose to serve reflects our view of God. Do you believe in a God of scarcity? If so, your service will be limited. If you believe in a God of abundance, then you will serve freely, trusting God to provide. What does it look like for you to serve generously?

Friday – Matthew 25.34-40. Actively Serving. Passive service does not exist. Serving others is not an opportunity that presents itself to us; rather it is an opportunity that we must actively seek. Our default is towards self. Naturally, the happenings of the day revolve around us. True Christ-like service is active; it is on the pursuit; seeking out the other with no regard for self. Our eyes must be opened to the possibilities of loving the people that we encounter every day. Pray that God would open your eyes today and present you with an opportunity to serve someone around you.

Saturday – John 4.7-13. Being Served. Jesus enters into relationship with the Samaritan woman by asking for help. He needed a drink, and the woman was able to serve his needs. Jesus had the gift of living water but still took time to be vulnerable and be served by a stranger. The humility and humanity that Jesus shows by allowing Himself to be served is a hard place to reside. Is there a relationship where you need to be vulnerable and admit your need?