Taking Care of One Another

As we pray for God to transform us into persons with both the heart and mind of Christ, we will examine the act of trusting God as essential for any transformation into Christlikeness. Obedience to God is a natural outflow of trusting God.

Monday – Proverbs 3.1-6. God has given humans many precious gifts, and “there is perhaps nothing more precious than the fathomless capacity to trust” (Frederick Buechner). “Trust is that rare and priceless treasure that wins the affection of our heavenly Father. And, so it is that He welcomes with love those souls, all too few in number, who in adversity as in joy, in tribulation and consolation, unfalteringly trust in His fatherly love. Such souls truly delight and give immense pleasure to the heart of their heavenly Father” (Paul de Jaegher). You and I can bring God great joy today, by trusting Him. How is He asking you to trust Him today?

Tuesday – Psalm 37.1-9. Trusting ourselves to Jesus involves a letting go. Extending ourselves in obedience to Him involves trust. We become someone new by surrendering our old self, and allowing the Lord to be Lord. Life in Christ involves trusting in the trustworthiness of God Himself. In your life, right now, do you have something for which you are being called to “let go, and let God?” Pray for courage to do just that, to trust Him and move forward.

Wednesday – Psalm 56.3-4. How would you like your life to be characterized, especially when facing life’s challenges? “The story of salvation-history indicates that without exception trust is purified in the crucible of trial. David, the most beloved figure in Jewish history, was no stranger to terror, loneliness, failure, and even sinister plots to destroy him; yet he ravished the heart of God with his unwavering trust” (Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust). Today, you and I can ravish the heart of God by fully trusting His love for us, regardless of our circumstances.

Thursday – Genesis 15.1-6. In this scene, Abraham and Sarah have a lot of years under their belt, but no children. So who will inherit his estate? Here, God gives what must have seemed to Abraham a most outlandish promise. His choice was to trust or distrust God. As a result of trusting God’s promise, his relationship with God is radically impacted. His trust is “credited to him as righteousness.” In what way are you being given opportunity to stop trying, and start trusting, to place your confidence in God and not in your own ability?

Friday – Genesis 22.1-14. What is the Lord doing here? Abraham’s challenge: Is God trustworthy? Can Abraham trust God with what is most precious to Him? Obedience to God was the outflow of trusting God. “However, this kind of trust is acquired only gradually and most often through a series of crises and trials. Through his indescribable anguish, Abraham learned that the God who had called him to hope against hope was eminently reliable and that the only thing expected of him was unconditional trust. This great old man models the essence of trust in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures: to be convinced of the reliability of God” (Manning).

Saturday – Psalm 28.6-7. Brennan Manning wrote: “The foremost quality of a trusting disciple is gratitude. The person with an abiding sense of gratitude is one who trusts God. It’s a perception that all life is grace, as an unearned and undeserved gift from the Father’s hand.” In your prayer focus today, ask God to help you trust that you are in His loving care, no matter what circumstances you are experiencing. Write down ten blessings and express gratitude to your heavenly Father. Consider making this a regular practice in your life.