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    • Small Group Questions

      Saying “Yes” to putting God first and others second is a vital practice for living a Christ-centered life. Such a transformation is an “inside-out” job. We need a Christ-centered heart to live a life where we consistently put others before ourselves. May your discussion of these questions guide as you grow in saying “Yes” to God’s design for life.

      If you threw a party and invited those who helped shape your life by their unselfish caring, who would you invite?

      If you had a second life to live in unselfish service to mankind, what would you like to do?

      Read together the Scripture from this Sunday’s sermon, Genesis 13.1-13. What do you think allowed Abram to be generous to his nephew, Lot, by inviting him to choose which area he and his clan would inhabit?

      One of the observations Pastor Rick made about Abram was his practice of building an altar wherever he went. Pastor noted that Abram was regularly seeking God. Could this practice have impacted Abram’s dealings with Lot about land distribution? If so, in what ways?

      Read together a New Testament passage that Pastor referenced, Philippians 2.3-5. What words or phrases stand out to you? In what way is that word or phrase important to you?

      How can one be transformed from being self-centered to others-centered? What priorities are key in moving from an “I’m first” life to an “I’m second” way of living?

      If Jesus were in your position in life and had the opportunities, challenges, and relationships that you have, how might he approach life? What might he do the same as you? What might he do differently?

      Think of a specific relationship in your life where you can surrender to Christ and move in the direction of being others-centered? Ask God for His grace to help transform your heart toward that person.

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