December 10

As we continue our Advent journey, we will reflect on the role of repentance in preparation for transformation of heart and life.

What was a popular style of clothing from your youth that would really be out of style today?

What is the strangest combination of clothes that you’ve assembled in one outfit?

John the Baptist’s clothing was certainly out of fashion, and so was his message. Why is it often difficult for us to receive a call to repent, to change our way of thinking about ourselves, or the way we live?

Read Mark 1.1-8. John saw his role was to prepare people for the Messiah. Why do you think repentance was such an essential part of John the Baptist’s message?

Is repentance a one-time thing or does it remain as a response to God’s presence and work in our lives? Why? How does repentance serve to help you in your walk with Christ?

What did John the Baptist say that Jesus would do that he could not?

As you think of Christ’s return to earth, His Second Advent, what steps of preparation would it be wise for you to take?