October 8

There’s a humorous and insightful observation that is attributed to a long-time college football coach when asked about differing and often conflicting opinions he received about his coaching strategy. His response: “Opinions are a lot like noses—everybody has one.” How do you tend to respond to people in the church whose opinions are different from yours?

Read together Acts 6.1-7. An important ministry in the earliest days of the church was the care of widows. Notice that the leadership for this ministry was to be “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.” Why do you think these qualities were identified by the apostles as being essential to leading this ministry of compassion? Is this true today? Why?

In his sermon, Pastor Rick talked about keeping our focus on the “main thing”, and this especially applies when we experience challenges among brothers and sisters in the Lord. What is the “main thing” and how do we “keep the main thing, the main thing” when we disagree?

It is possible to hold different perspectives or opinions and still be a Christ-centered missional church. In fact, it is essential to a healthy church to have different opinions represented. What qualities do you needin order to develop a practice that allows for healthy disagreement while staying united
in Christ?

Pray together to close your meeting. Invite God to help our focus be honoring Christ in the way we treat others, even those with whom we disagree. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us keep Jesus as Lord.