March 18

Healing can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially because most people in the Christian world have some experience of stories where divine healing occurred or did not occur. How have you prayed or not prayed in the past regarding
divine healing?

N.T. Wright says, "Even though we don’t know what we should pray for, if we are waiting upon God and being patient and learning to pray, then somehow, that prayer will bring about new creation even if it isn’t in the form we instantly want.” What do you believe about prayer? Has it developed since you first learned to pray? If so, how?

Read together Luke 5.12-32. What are the differences in healing that Jesus effects in these three stories? How does this change what you believe about divine healing?

The final story in the passage above is Jesus eating with Levi, sinners, and tax collectors. In what way does Jesus participate in divine healing in the life of Levi? In what way do you need to allow Jesus to heal and restore your life?

Spend time in prayer together for those who need healing.