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  • Small Group Questions

    • Small Group Questions

      The sermon today, Embracing Our Goodness, expresses a powerful truth‒before there was human sin, there was human goodness, because we were created in the image of our Good God. Discuss the following quotes from Pastor Rick’s sermon and James Bryan Smith’s book, The Magnificent Story, in celebration of an often neglected truth‒at our core there is a goodness that God died to reclaim and restore.

      “Sin is not our essence. Despite our sin, sin is not our primary identity.” Read together Colossians 3.1-4, aloud.

      • How do Paul’s words speak to where our identity is found?
      • If being a sinner is not our primary identity, what is?

      “Our freedom is not in hiding our brokenness but in disclosing it.” Read the following Scriptures: Psalm 32.5; James 5.16; and 1 John 4.15. Confession is sharing our deepest weaknesses and failures with God and trusting others so that we may enter into God’s grace and mercy and experience His ready forgiveness and healing.

      • How is confession instrumental in our transformation?
      • How has this been reality in your experience? 
      • What role does or should confession have in the on-going transformation of a follower of Jesus?
      • In what ways is confession an important principle in your walk with Christ?

      “We are born sinners. This is true but there is more to the story. We are made in God’s image, with original goodness. But we are also made in His likeness, which we distort every time we choose to sin.” Read Genesis 1. 26-27, and also verse 31.

      • What impact should it have on you to embrace that you were made in God’s image, capable for fellowship and relationship with the Trinity?
      • Should that truth make a difference in our lives? How does it shape your understanding of yourself?

      “Adam and Eve’s sin was not trusting God. Sin is to put our trust in something other than God.” Have you found this to be reality in your life? How can not trusting God be sin? 

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