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  • Small Group Questions

    • Small Group Questions

      When you were a kid, which of these decision-making “techniques” were you more likely to prefer?

      • Flipping a coin, calling heads or tails
      • Drawing straws
      • Writing down all the pros and cons you could think of and deciding on which option yielded the most pros
      • Playing rock, paper, scissors
      • Another method?

      What’s a decision you have faced where you sincerely asked God for His perspective, and looked for His guidance?

      When you’re facing a giant of indecision which is more likely to be your experience?

      • I tend to experience paralysis by analysis when facing indecision. 
      • I seek wise counsel from someone whose Christian walk I respect.
      • I like to quickly assess the pros and cons and make a decision.
      • I tend to go with my gut feeling and make a decision.
      • I pray a lot, read the Word for guidance, talk with mentors and listen for God’s still, small voice.

      A friend wants to talk with you about a giant of indecision they are facing. What questions could you ask that might be helpful to them in coming to a point of decision?

      Read together the Scripture from today’s sermon, 1 Samuel 30.1-8. Imagine yourself in David’s situation as described in verse 6.

      • How would such pressure likely impact you? 
      • What do you think is the meaning of the phrase, “but David found strength in the Lord His God?” 
      • When you are faced with a stressful situation, how does the Lord most often provide His strength?

      A key point in David’s encounter with the giant of indecision was that when he inquired of God in hopes of discerning God’s wisdom in the situation David faced, scripture says that he inquired of God with intent to obey. How does that kind of intent to obey shape your heart as you pray?

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