Small Group Questions

Everyone Included

Pastor Rick told a story of a Nigerian young woman and her American roommate to highlight the risks of assuming that a person from a particular background only has one story, where we assume things about someone that could be significantly incorrect, or are only a part of that person’s story.

  • What were your takeaways from hearing that illustration? 
  • Have you ever been wrong in your opinion of someone? 
  • Describe how you discovered your error and what did you learn about that person that was different from what you had assumed?

Select one of the following to describe. What’s a single story stereotype often associated with the following labels: Texans, New York Yankee fans, liberals, hipsters, conservatives, homosexuals, Harley-Davidson riders, millennials?

Can you think of someone with whom you’ve found common ground, where on the surface it didn’t appear that was likely? How was that common ground established?

Who is someone that you know at this point in your life for whom you might be tempted to think you fully know their story, when in fact there may be more to them than you assume? How could God help you establish common ground with them?

Pastor Rick posed the question to us: “Why should I try to build common ground with people not like me?” How do you respond to that question?