Small Group Questions

Pastor Rick preached from a passage of Scripture that contains strong warnings about the dangers of wealth and our responsibility for good stewardship in living according to Kingdom principles.

If you were to inherit or win a large amount of money, what would be two priorities for you in deciding what to do with this unexpected bounty? If you also were to consider giving a significant portion of these funds to a charitable organization or cause that you deeply believe in, which would you select to receive your gift and why?

What life experience has most impacted or helped shape your social conscience? What’s an example of a current social injustice in our city that concerns you?

Read together the scripture from Pastor’s sermon, James 5.1-6. What is James saying about wealth: Is it sinful? Is it illusory? Hazardous to your health? A burdensome responsibility? A way to heaven? To hell?

Bible scholar N.T. Wright states that this passage is one of the sharpest warnings against careless luxury and injustice anywhere in the Bible. If you were to summarize “the bottom line” of what James is saying in this warning, what is your conclusion?

From Scriptures such as this passage it is very evident that God is concerned about the condition and treatment of the less fortunate. How can this same perspective guide you in your aspirations? How can you use your resources to help overcome such inequity?