2018 Paraguay GO Teams

University Team

Pastor Jake Garrett is inviting university students to join him for a mission’s trip to Paraguay from July 11-25, 2018.  This team will be serving with Rev. Barry and Charlie Carney and providing ministry through community outreach, soccer ministry to children, and helping build the new seminary in Asunción. 

The trip dates are July 11-25, 2018.  

University Team Application

Intergenerational Team

BFC is sending an intergenerational team to Paraguay from July 26-August 5, 2018, to work alongside Rev. Barry and Charlie Carney.  This team will be involved in several aspects of ministry that includes building relationships with new ministry leaders, being involved in a soccer ministry that is reaching children for Christ, teaching in the seminary, and helping to build the new seminary in Asunción.  Please pray about joining this team.  

The trip dates are July 26-August 5, 2018, and the estimated cost is $2,250 per person plus the cost of your passport and immunizations.  Please be watching this site for the coming 2018 intergenerational application for Paraguay.