Nobody Left Out

May 2018 be a year filled with a deepening awareness of God’s love for you and a year of a deepening surrender in every dimension of your life to the God who loves you.

Monday—Acts 16.6-10. Here is a question to answer as you start 2018. “Why is it so hard to trust the Lord with our future, with our personal decisions, and with our lives? We usually submit to His will with tears of sorrow and remorse as if we offer some enormous sacrifice, but His will for us is good for us, and it is good for those we love. As you move into this new year, do you trust that He is good and that He has your well-being at heart?” (Dennis Kinlaw, This Day with the Master)

Tuesday—1 Timothy 6.15-16. Throughout history, lordship has been a position and title handed down from one generation to another. Paul asserts that Jesus is not just a lord. He’s Lord of lords. To allow Jesus to be Lord should have dramatic impact on our lives. We should allow Him to have supreme authority to shape or influence the big-picture decisions of our lives to the smaller interactions we have on a daily basis. Jesus didn’t come to stay in the Nativity. He is Lord.

Wednesday—Hebrews 4.14-16. The Christ child we welcome at Christmas would become our High Priest. In Jewish history, it was the high priest who alone could go before God, represent the people, and offer sacrifices for their sin. The gospel declares with joy that Jesus has become that for us and that, through Him we can have direct access and friendship with God. This is almost unimaginable, but Jesus prays for you. How might Jesus be praying for you as you enter 2018?

Thursday—Hebrews 12.1-2. The term sat down or seated references that Jesus completed His mission to provide a way to reconcile and restore us with God. It’s vital that we learn to trust His character regardless of what our life circumstances look like. In what areas of your life do you need to trust the Pioneer and Perfector of your faith? Surrender that to Him today, and trust in Him in that area of your life. Lean in to Him.

Friday—Ephesians 3.14-19. “Settle for nothing less than knowing God in love. This begins by knowing the depths of God’s love for you. All of us need to regularly return to this knowing. Everything else that is required of you in life—your love of God, yourself, and others—all flows out of your personal knowledge of God’s extravagant love for you. Trust that your prayer relationship with God has been established by God’s initiative, not yours. Your part is simply making space for God, turning to God with attentiveness and openness. It’s an invitation to the encounter in love that is prayer.” (David Benner, Opening to God)

Saturday—2 Corinthians 1.18-22. “Have you ever stopped to think that God is smarter than you are? It seems obvious, but it can be difficult to trust God with all of ourselves and our future. God wants you to take your hand off the control of your life. Unless you are totally, fully, and completely yielded to God so that all that says no inside of you has been exchanged for one big yes to Him and His will, you will begin to wonder if He is as smart as He claims to be. Why don’t you ask God today to exchange the no that still exists in your heart for the yes that exists in Him?” (Dennis Kinlaw, This Day with the Master)