Living Well

This week, we’ll reflect on passages that lead us to consider the transformation of our lives in and through relationship with Jesus Christ.

Monday – Matthew 6.1-4. Doing good things with no fanfare can be a step toward revealing and purifying our heart’s motives. Observe your thought patterns, motives, and behavior this week. “Allow something good about you or a good deed you’ve done to remain hidden from another who might be overwhelmed by you if he or she knew what you’d done. Talk with God about why hiddenness and secrecy are so important.” (Jan Johnson)

Tuesday – 2 Peter 1.3-8. Peter is quite certain that his time on earth is drawing to a close. He wants to remind readers of an astounding truth–the more our lives are centered on the grace we have received in Jesus, the more God can transform our nature. He states clearly that we are being shaped to participate in the divine nature. No, we aren’t becoming gods. But our hearts, minds, and behavior can be transformed to increasingly reflect the heart, mind, and behavior of Jesus. Reflect and pray for this to be so in your life, even today.

Wednesday – 2 Peter 1.16-18. Have you ever witnessed something you’d describe as majestic−a natural wonder, an inspiring musical score, an act of human kindness and mercy? A definition of majestic is having or showing impressive beauty or dignity. Peter here references his experience of witnessing Jesus being transfigured, being changed into a more beautiful or spiritual state. Read this story in Matthew 17.1-8, and imagine that you were there. Allow these passages, and the images they bring to your mind, to shape your worship today.

Thursday – Matthew 13.18-23. A two-year old child tells his parent, “You’re not the boss of me!” Do you and I desire for Jesus to really be our boss? In this parable, three of the four soils find the powerful seed of the kingdom easy to resist. God doesn’t overpower us but lets us choose. The Kingdom of God’s love and rule doesn’t coerce, doesn’t force. That’s the nature of love. “He will not force himself on you. He will not jump down your throat.” (C.S. Lewis in The Screwtape Letters) Jesus is Lord! Will you welcome Him as your Lord today?

Friday – Luke 24.28-32. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been on this walk? Jesus shows up but is not recognized. He explains to them that scriptures since the time of Moses spoke of Him, the Messiah. When they got to their destination, they urged him, inviting him to stay with them and continue the conversation. Jan Johnson notes: “Part of the way we seek God with all our heart is to arrange our life in such a way that we are connecting with God as many minutes of the day as possible.” Invite him to walk with you and teach you today.

Saturday – Mark 8.27-30. The question Jesus posed to his disciples was not asked in order that they might pass some theological test. It was personal as well as global. Would they welcome him, follow him, obey his teachings? The same is true for all people, everywhere. What are you and I going to do with Jesus and the ways of his Kingdom? Is he someone just to believe in? Or is he someone to whom you surrender your will and follow?