Listen Well

The following Scripture passages and devotional reflections center on seeking and receiving wisdom from God. Wisdom can often be provided through our being open to wise counsel from others.

Monday – Exodus 18.13-24. Being wise involves seeking and being open to receiving advice from others. For Moses, who was tasked with leading multitudes of people, wisdom came from an unlikely source, his father-in-law. Jethro saw the burden of leadership Moses carried and was concerned about the health and welfare of his son-in-law. Moses, the great leader listened, humbly received, and implemented Jethro’s advice. How open are you to advice from others? Ask God to give you the humility to seek wise counsel in your decisions.

Tuesday – 1 Chronicles 28.5-12. David is in the process of transferring leadership of a nation to his son, Solomon. At the heart of this passage, David is seen urging his son personally to seek God and follow his guidance, not relying on his own resources. Solomon’s position was not to be for his own fame and gain, but for the good of the people. He was to pursue God’s purposes, God’s way. He needed a deep reliance on God to fulfill his calling. So do you and I. Pray for a deepened awareness of your need to willingly engage with God in the matters of your daily life.

Wednesday – 2 Chronicles 1.7-12. The scene recorded in this passage reveals the trait that was the hallmark of Solomon’s leadership in the early years of his reign as king. When presented with an opportunity to receive anything he desired from God, he asked for wisdom to govern and lead the people of God. He knew that he didn’t have all the answers to the complexities that life presents. And God honored his request. In your relationships and responsibilities, how could you benefit from seeking God’s wisdom?

Thursday – Proverbs 12.15. When is the last time you genuinely sought wise advice for your life from another person? What keeps you from doing so? Andy Stanley writes: “Pride is hard to see in the bathroom mirror. But it is awfully easy to see in the rearview mirror. Regardless of how you camouflage it, anyone who knows he doesn’t know but won’t go to those who do know has a problem.” How open are you to receiving godly advice? Again, Stanley asserts: “No one gets to the place where he or she no longer needs wise counsel” (Principle of the Path). Today, ask yourself: “In what area of life could I honestly admit that I need godly wisdom?”

Friday – Proverbs 19.20. This is another example of Solomon’s advice on the wisdom of seeking advice from others. Doing so leads to our increasing in wisdom, especially if the advice we seek is from people who have more experience than we do, and seek to obey God in the details of their life. Pray today, asking the Lord to point you to someone who could be a source of godly wisdom and guidance for you at this point in your life.

Saturday – James 1.2-7. Because of our decision to become apprentices of Jesus, desiring to learn how to live as he lived, we will experience trials. We will ponder the question of how to be faithful to Jesus in the circumstances of our life. We will need wisdom. James gives us direct guidance. Ask God for his viewpoint and his wisdom. The Holy Spirit may provide the wisdom we need from reading the Bible, through prayer, through godly counsel from other believers, or from a combination of these. When we receive wisdom from God, we should trust and obey. Are you asking God for wisdom in these days? Where do you need to receive, trust, and obey?