Jesus Talks with the Samaritan Woman

Monday – Romans 8.26-27. The ways the Lord works in our lives are beyond our full understanding. But, we are given clues in Scripture. In this passage from Paul’s writing, he shares with us that we have a God who actually prays for us. The Holy Spirit prays deeply, Paul says, “with groans that words cannot express.” His transforming work in our lives is for our good. What might the Holy Spirit be praying about for you at this point in your life?

Tuesday – Colossians 3.1-4; Hebrews 1.3. What does it mean that Jesus is “seated at the right hand of God”? James Bryan Smith writes: “In the Bible, ‘to be seated’ is a metaphor for having finished one’s work: one is seated when the work is completed. What Jesus had finished was the work of reconciling the world to God. What he had accomplished was the forgiveness of sins for all people, for all time, past, present and future” (Hidden in Christ). He did it. He suffered for our benefit, bringing us back to God. Pray for a friend who needs Christ. Ask the Father to guide you in being a genuine friend to the person for whom you’re praying.

Wednesday – Romans 8.31-39. Paul gives us a glimpse of what Jesus is doing now−he’s praying for you and me! And what is he praying for? “He is praying that you and I would be completely new people, people in whom he can make his home” (James Bryan Smith, Hidden in Christ). He doesn’t shame us in our sinful condition. Rather, he speaks truthfully in order to forgive and transform us. Are you allowing his prayers for you to be answered?

Thursday – Acts 9.1-9. Have you ever thought you were “spot on” right in your views, only then to realize you were dead wrong in your thinking? For Saul (soon to be Paul), that moment of realization came in a most unusual encounter with Jesus. It seems he genuinely thought that he was doing God a favor by throwing Jesus-followers in jail, trying to have them killed. In today’s reading, we see the beginning of a beautiful work of God’s transforming grace. An enemy of Christ is transformed into a friend of Jesus. God transforms his enemies (like you and me) into friends through an encounter with his love and goodness. Now, we are his witnesses, sharing this Good News through word and deed. Pray that today you can be a witness for him.

Friday – Hebrews 12.10-11. Mention the word, “discipline” and both positive and negative connotations are likely. It’s vital that we understand the heart of the loving Father in order to be receptive to God’s work in our lives. What is God’s motive when He seeks to train us, to teach us? The writer of Hebrews is clear. He desires to transform our motivations, our way of thinking, speaking, and living, to be like him in goodness, holiness. That means some things have to go, to be cleared away. That can be humbling. It is also freeing. God is good, always. Our surrender and obedience is entrusted to one who seeks only our good. Is there anything about which God is asking you to “let go, and let God”?

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 5.20-6.2. Paul uses two meaning-packed expressions that describe the great honor, opportunity, and responsibility we have as a result of being beneficiaries of Christ’s reconciling work. “Ambassadors” and “God’s fellow workers.” We represent him and are working with him in his kingdom mission. We are commissioned to help others come to know that they, too, are beneficiaries of God’s great love and reconciling work in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray for grace to embrace your promotion as his ambassador.