Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

Monday – Job 31.16-23. In what is said to be one of the earliest of biblical writings, Job experiences deep suffering and searches for an answer. His friends strongly imply that he must have sinned for all this pain and loss to have come to him. In his own defense, Job asserts that the pattern of his life has been one of hospitality. He was a generous person, sharing of his resources to those in need. Job, declared by God to be a righteous man, lived with his arms wide open. His priority was to glorify God and to lift others up. Pray for the freedom and abandon to live invitationally. Is that your desire?

Tuesday – Job 31.29-40. Job is doing some deep reflection about his life, diligently examining his heart and his behavior. It is interesting to note that even though he was a man of great riches and blessings, he opened his life to strangers, people on a journey. In a figurative as well as literal sense, all who live around us are on a life journey. They work with us or live near us. They are looking for a home. God himself is our home. A prayer focus for us today is that God may make us aware of those in our sphere of influence with whom we can share life’s journey, and the hope they can have in Jesus Christ.

Wednesday – Isaiah 58.1-8. Maybe you have heard the saying: “When all is said and done, more is said than done.” That’s often the way it is in our lives. It’s pretty common to talk about desiring to live more like Jesus. Pray for an honest assessment of your life, asking for a freshness of vision about the way you actually live your life. Ask God to speak to you about your priorities. Pray for a deeper hunger for that which is good and right, a longing for a life that mirrors the way Jesus would live if he was in your life situation.

Thursday – John 4.39-42. This is an interesting scene. Jesus accepts the Samaritans’ invitation to remain with them. They had heard what the woman who encountered Jesus at the well had said about him, but they came to see for themselves. They were eager to know if Jesus was the Messiah. And Jesus answered their question. Great and unimaginable things happened because they asked Jesus to be with them. Pray for an awareness of those around you who may be more eager and ready to encounter the grace and truth of Jesus than you might think.

Friday – Acts 10.27-36. This event could easily be called, in sports parlance, a game changer. The Holy Spirit challenged Peter’s beliefs concerning the Gentiles‘ eligibility for the gospel. God did this through the vision in which Peter was told to enjoy some unclean animals for lunch. By allowing God to change his thinking on the matter, Peter responded obediently to the Holy Spirit. His obedience was instrumental in flinging open the doors of invitation into a life with God for this Roman officer and his family. This was a very bold move for Peter. Living with our arms wide open, being invitational for Jesus’ sake in all relationships, is a game- changer way to live. Pray for an opportunity to experience that today.

Saturday – Romans 12.1-2, 9-16. The first two verses in this passage are likely very familiar ones to many of us. In surrender to Christ, we find that our way of thinking and living begins to be transformed. The second passage illuminates the impact of such transformation. We desire to sincerely love others; we do what is good toward others. By the grace we are given, we do not have to be #1 in every relationship. We can be joyful and prayerful for others, and patient with the trials that come in and through relationships. We can become generous and transformed from being miserly and self-centered to one who can practice hospitality, living a life of invitation for Jesus’ sake in the life of others. Are you ready to be renewed and transformed by God as you pray to receive grace for living this type of life?