Monday – Philippians 2.5-8 Paul is giving us an inside look into the mind of Jesus Christ. It is no surprise that what we find is humility. Though Jesus had access to power, he chose to make himself a servant. If we are to pattern our lives in such a manner, then maybe some changes need to take place. This is in direct opposition to what the world would tell us. Today, what is a way in which you can move in the direction of becoming a humble servant like Jesus?

Tuesday – James 4.6-10 Pride is not only something that we struggle to give up, often it is hard to identify. It fractures relationships, highlights the individual, and keeps forgiveness at arm’s length. This passage teaches us that humility begins by submission to God. Submitting voluntarily gives God permission to show us the areas in our lives where pride is in control. Spend some time today thinking through an area in your life that you need to submit to God.

Wednesday – Psalm 138.1-8 When David writes a Psalm, usually it is a reflection of his current circumstance in life. In this passage, David remembers his past with a grateful heart and looks expectantly at his future with hope. Both his thankfulness and his hope are rooted in his knowledge and love of God. In your prayers today, thank God for what he has done for you in the past. Then, recognize the hope that will come through Jesus.

Thursday – Romans 12.3-5 Starting in Romans 12, Paul gives practical advice on how to live like Jesus. Paul begins by reimagining community. Living centered on Jesus only occurs when my life is NOT centered on me. One of the best ways to counteract our desires to be all about ourselves is to invest in the lives of others. By giving ourselves away, not only do we begin to focus less on self, but we also begin to resemble the body of Christ.

Friday – Luke 9.46-48 Jesus wasn’t crucified for saying or doing things that made sense. His upside-down way of speaking and acting reveal a kingdom that ascribes to a different value system. The least become important, the last win first place, and the forgotten are given a name. For the disciples, it is a sobering lesson to value a child who has no political advantage. We often make decisions based on how it will improve our current situation. If we are in fact imitators of the backwards King, then what we value should look similar to what Jesus values.

Saturday – Isaiah 40.1-5 Advent is a season of waiting. It is often preferable to skip the waiting and get to the true reason for the season. However, it is in the waiting that we recognize our need for salvation. It is humbling to come to the realization that we cannot save ourselves, but must wait in hope for the salvation that comes through Jesus. There is great joy and freedom in knowing that Christ alone saves us. A popular song says it well: “In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song.”