How To Do Your Daily Devotions (spending time alone with God)

How To Do Your Daily Devotions (spending time alone with God)

One of the four commitments that we are making together during the WITH JESUS - The 4 for 40 Journey is the DAILY commitment to spend time with God. However, there is often some confusion about HOW to spend quality time with God each day in his word and in prayer. Pastor David shared a few ideas about how to do this with us during the Ash Wednesday service. I want to share some thoughts and then open it up for you to share your own insights on how you do your daily devotions.  

The first thing you need to do is find a consistent time and place for the next six weeks. This will create some sacred time and place for you to look forward to meeting with God. For example, you maybe you will choose to go out on to your back patio with a cup of coffee every morning at 7am, or maybe you'll go to your spare bedroom every evening at 8pm. Do what works best for you for the next six weeks, but aim for consistency because it helps.

I personally like to go on prayer walks around the lake because water and nature helps me to connect with God - it's sacred space to me. My favorite time to walk is in the early evening at dusk. 

Next, you need to get your mind rid of distractions so that you can focus on God. Christians call this centering - which simply means giving God your undivided attention. I like to do this by listening to a Christian worship song that helps me focus on God. Do what works best for you!

It helps to have a devotional guide so that you don't have to try to figure out what scripture to read or what theme to think about. The Ashes to Fire books we made available are excellent guides - they take all the "guess work" out of doing devotions.  

Every week in the BFC worship folder, we also provide a daily prayer and study guide that will help you know what to read in the Bible as well as providing some insight and thoughts for reflection. 

Finally - pray. Think of your prayer as a conversation with Jesus. Imagine him there in the room with you. Remember, conversation is a two-way street. It's okay to talk to Jesus and tell him how much you love him as well as your prayer requests.

But don't forget to listen to what Jesus is saying to you. Ask him what he wants to say to you that day from the scriptures or what priorities you need to focus on during the day. Whatever Jesus says, follow through. If you don't feel like you have any great insights from Jesus, simply thank him for spending time with you, tell him you love him, and then go joyfully about your day serving God and others.  

What are some devotional practices of yours or suggestions that you would share with others that might help them with ideas for how to connect with God in their daily devotional time?

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1. J Boehm wrote:
Living with a large family in a small house can create an interesting challenge for finding space to alone with God. I'm comforted when I remember that Suzanna Wesley used to pull her apron over her head during her quiet times just to have some semblance of being alone. Sometimes I go sit out in my car in the garage. Sometimes I leave for work early and find a scenic spot to park and have time alone with God. Many, many times I literally sneak away to my closet to have a quiet place to pray (I think that's Biblical). it always helps me focus on God and quiet my thoughts if I sing a simple hymn or chorus to God. It also helps me focus when I write down my prayers, my adoration, my concerns, and what I hear God saying back to me.

Mon, March 14, 2011 @ 3:01 PM

2. Megan wrote:
I have found that sometimes I need to put my devotional book or Bible down and just sit in the quiet. I try to calm my thoughts, because my head is always racing with to-do lists, prayer requests, etc. It is important to have a devotional time but also to add a significant amount of time (even 10 minutes is hard to sit still!) to my quiet time. I just sit and close my eyes and breathe until my mind is clear. Every time a thought about something comes back, I try to push it away again. It takes a few times to get it right! Don't get frustrated with yourself!

That is when I can really hear God. Sometimes he won't speak, though, because he knows I just need to be in his presence. We just sit together. It really helps me remember what's important in life - and to take care of myself, in that I am relaxing/de-stressing, because my usual day is going-going-going. I usually try to sit still and be quiet before I go to bed, but if you are in your bedroom, you will fall asleep easily. So, before dinner is probably an ideal time. :)

Wed, March 16, 2011 @ 12:33 PM

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