God Will Make Your Paths Straight

Submit, surrender, give up, trust, depend, lean are key words in the language of the kingdom of God. This week, let’s continue to think about the importance of submission in our life with God.

Monday – 1 Kings 3.7-12 Imagine being given an opportunity like God presented Solomon as he assumed the role of King of Israel. A “blank check” is offered, and it’s guaranteed to be granted by the Most High. It took humility on Solomon’s part to ask for wisdom. Pride blocks humility. In asking the Lord for discernment, he gave up a lot of options. Craving wisdom to serve well and to seek the welfare of his people was his desire. If God offered you the same deal, what would you give up in order to gain the best?

Tuesday – Proverbs 3.5 “The term translated trust carried with it the idea of lying helplessly facedown. Vulnerable. Dependent. Then notice the contrast. The term translated lean literally means to prop something up against something else, to be supported by it. When the way we views things conflicts with the way God views things, we are to lean in his direction, rather than our own.” (Andy Stanley, The Principle of the Path). To what degree would you say that you live in a “face-down dependency” on God? What or who “props up” your life?

Wednesday – Proverbs 3.6 What does it mean to acknowledge God? Does it mean to merely recognize his existence? Or to say a few words like “I’d like to thank God for my success”? Well, it may start with that, but it really refers to submitting to God’s authority and will, “recognizing who he is and responding accordingly. What is the proper response to God? Submission. We are to recognize God’s authority over every component of our lives. That is, in all our ways.” (Andy Stanley, The Principle of the Path) Does your desiring your own way block you from submitting your will to God? Pray about that today.

Thursday – 2 Chronicles 30.6-9 Does reading the history of God’s chosen people sometimes seem similar to listening to country music lyrics? There is this all too familiar narrative of somebody losing something or someone precious to them. Stubborn, prideful will really messed up the Israelites and the same goes for us, today, doesn’t it? Here King Hezekiah, a descendant of Solomon, urges his people to repent and submit to the Lord and obey his commands. His grace and mercy was there for them if they would only submit to him. He was pointing them, and us, to a better path and destination.

Friday – Luke 22.39-44 Jesus faced an option to abandon his Father’s plan, to no longer submit to the way of the cross. Maybe he could find another way to fulfill God’s will, other than self-sacrifice? Reading Luke’s account, we sense the deep anguish and intense pressure our Lord experienced on our behalf. Our future would be determined by his decision. Read this passage slowly. Read it more than once. Read it aloud. Prayerfully reflect on his submitting to a path that appeared to be only death and defeat, but actually was a difficult, lonely path that led to victory and life. Do you face such a choice?

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 3.14-15 “In the person of Jesus we see a Sovereign God who is out to redeem the world.” (Dennis Kinlaw) Today, reflect on the following questions. Ask the Lord to provide insight. Why do I hesitate to give God full access to every part of my life? What is the most difficult area of my life to yield control to God? What do I fear will happen on the other side of that decision? In what way do I need to let go and let God?”