Each fall and spring, BFC offers weekly classes and groups where you can learn, deepen your faith, and become more like Jesus in various dimensions of your life.  We call them “electives” because you have choices. Elective sessions focus on Bible teaching, discussion with others, and the application of God’s truth to one’s life. Typically, an elective is 8 to 10 weeks in length, depending on the type of class or group.


Financial Peace University 
January 20-March 17, 5:30-7:30pm
Room 122

Financial Peace is an informative, interactive and transformational nine-week money management course that utilizes the engaging teaching on finances of Dave Ramsey. The cost of all materials is $109 per family unit.

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Community Bible Study – 2 Samuel 
January 22-March 5, 9:30-11:30am

This Bible Study, taught by Judy Walraven, focuses on the book of 2 Samuel. Participants dig into God’s Word with daily reflection work and weekly small group discussions. Register online or at the first session. The cost of the workbook is $20. A video broadcast of this study, along with small group discussion is available on Wednesday evenings.

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Celebrate Recovery
Every Tuesday of the year, 6:30

Celebrate Recovery is a program for anyone who struggles with hurts, habits, or hang-ups. It facilitates the recovery process that shows the loving power of Jesus Christ. CR meets in the Chapel. Supper is at 5:30, followed by worship and teaching at 6:30, then small groups at 7:30.

Celebrate Kids & The Landing

Celebrate Kids, a program just for kids, and The Landing, a program for youth students, also meet on Tuesday evenings for children whose parents attend Celebrate Recovery.


The Art of Parenting
January 16-March 6, 6:30pm
Room 100

Effective parenting is more than a skill; it's an art form! Join Skip and Christa Rowland as they facilitate The Art of Parenting, an engaging 8-session video-based group study from FamilyLife. In this class, parents will learn new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting situations, as well as enjoy an environment in which moms and dads can share the trials and triumphs of their parenting journeys. Parents will finish the study with renewed confidence in parenting, fresh insights on parenting children of different ages, and a parenting plan unique to each child's personality and gifts. The cost of the workbook is $12.50.

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Encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John
January 16-March 6, 6:30 pm
Room 123

In the Gospel of John, a variety of characters, both individuals and groups, meet Jesus. Some come hoping that Jesus can meet their most desperate needs. Others come out of curiosity or with serious questions. Yet others seek Jesus in order to oppose him and prove his ideas wrong and dangerous. What can we learn from a careful reading of their stories? In this class taught by Dr. Hal Cauthron, we will be challenged to learn about these stories, and how they apply to our lives today.

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Life’s Healing Choices
January 16-March 6, 6:30pm
Room 025

This eight-session class, led by Terri Cobb and Jason Rogers, centers on eight healing choices that Jesus offers in the Beatitudes. Reading, prayer, writing, and discussion form the core activities in this class. Life’s Healing Choices shares stories of hope, focuses on your future, your personal responsibility for your happiness, and challenges you to join with others in making a commitment to Jesus Christ in surrender. It’s a class that involves taking action steps to see changes in your life, experience greater freedom and healing from any hurt, habit and hang-up in your life. Join the journey! The cost is $10.

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Community Bible Study – 2 Samuel 
January 23-March 6, 6:30pm
Room 122

Dive into this study of 2 Samuel, with video teaching from Judy Walraven. Participants dig into God’s Word with daily reflection work and weekly small group discussions. The cost of the workbook is $20. A live teaching session of this study, along with small group discussion is available on Tuesday mornings.

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Divorce Care & Divorce Care for Kids
January 23-April 24, 6:30pm
Room 124 (Adults) & Room 222 (Kids)

Divorce Care is a Christ-centered ministry program that provides hope, healing and support for those going through the difficulties of divorce. The class provides a safe, loving and confidential environment to truly become stronger through divorce. The cost of the workbook is $15

Divorce Care for Kids, a companion class for ages 6-12, gives the opportunity for children to have meaningful conversations about the issues they face in a fun, friendly, and loving environment. This helps them in talking with their parents about what they are experiencing.

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Apprentice Discipleship: Coming to Know the Good and Beautiful God
January 16-April 3, 6:30 pm
Room 121 (Women); Room 026 (Men)

Do you want to know and love God better? Do you desire that you more nearly reflect the character of Jesus Christ? Apprentice is a class that is dedicated to helping you be transformed into greater degrees of Christlikeness. Outside reading with class discussion and participation in spiritual training exercises is expected. The book cost is $15. Contact Discipleship Ministries for an application.

Learn to Speak Spanish
January 16-May 1, 6:30pm
Room 024

Career Spanish educator Winford Akins leads this engaging, interactive class experience dedicated to helping you learn to speak Spanish. All levels of learners welcomed. Class availability is limited to ten more participants.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)
January 16-May 1, 6:30pm
Rooms 020, 023, 024

This highly interactive class helps non-native English speakers develop their ability to speak their new language. Each session involves lessons and practice. Alma Beltran is the facilitator.

Embrace Grace
January 16-May 1, 6:30pm
Room 022

This 12-week program is for single young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Embrace Grace provides spiritual, emotional, and physical support. This class begins January 16. Contact Kali Bernhard at 405-204-9201 for more information.

Embrace Life
January 16-May 1, 6:30pm
Room 027, 6:30pm

Embrace Life equips single, new moms to flourish in their relationship with God and not only survive, but thrive in life. This class begins January 16. Contact Melissa Lewis for more information.