Eagerly Waiting

As we begin the season of Advent, we look forward, preparing our hearts for Him, waiting.

Monday – Isaiah 9.6. In the middle of calling his people back to God and warning of exile, the prophet proclaims an announcement of hope. The hope of a Savior, a Messiah to rescue and restore God’s people, has been around for a long, long time. Here, we get an early glimpse that hope would come to them through the birth of a child. God was going to do something extraordinary. His glory was going to come to them, as a baby. Today, pray for a renewal of awe at the hope we have been given in Jesus.

Tuesday – Galatians 4.4-6. Have you had the experience of selecting what turns out to be the slowest checkout line at the store? Waiting can be a trying experience. While God rarely comes at the time we desire, He always comes at the right time. When God determined it was finally time, God came to us, in the person of Jesus, to restore us to a reconciled relationship, adopted as his children. Take this thought with you today: God came in Jesus to bring you into his family as his adopted son or daughter.

Wednesday – Philippians 2.5-7. Do you simply marvel at what the apostle Paul is telling us? God, in the person of Jesus, surrendered his rightful place and came as a human to serve us through obedience to his Father, and loving sacrifice of himself for our benefit. Are you and I so familiar with these verses that they have lost some of their meaning and impact? During Advent, let’s ask the Father for a renewed sense of awe at the wonder of God Himself coming to be with us so that we might have hope of love, forgiveness, and transformation. In turn, we are called to serve as He served.

Thursday – Colossians 1.15,19-20. Here’s another bold proclamation from the apostle Paul. When we look at Jesus, His person, His life, His teachings, we are looking at God Himself! When we find ourselves wondering what God is like, or what God would have us do, we are pointed to Jesus. God took action to make things right for us with God, to bring us back into right relationship with Him in and through Jesus.

Friday – Hebrews1.3. When sealing an official letter, the writer would melt wax and use his personalized ring to make an impression to prove the document as authentic. That’s the image the writer provides for us here in his use of words about Jesus’ identity. Exactly like God. Jesus is fully human, fully divine. We need grace to trust in this miracle and also pray to allow His image to be formed in our character.

Saturday – John 14.8-10. Jesus had been telling His disciples that He’d soon be returning to His Father. Philip asked a good, heart-felt question. Imagine yourself as Philip, receiving the impact of Jesus’ response. Henri Nouwen, in The Return of the Prodigal Son, wrote: “Jesus is the true Son of the Father. He is the model for us coming to have the same heart of compassion as the Father. In Him the fullness of God dwells. All the knowledge of God resides in Him; all the glory of God remains in Him; all the power of God belongs to Him. His unity with the Father is so intimate and so complete that to see Jesus is to see the Father.”