Daily Devotional July 17

Monday – Luke 5.1-11. This story is not just about a few fishermen who have enough faith to give up their boats, their nets, and their livelihoods to become disciples of a stranger. It is also a story of a God who has enough faith in a couple of fishermen to call them to be his disciples. It is empowering to understand that as God is calling us to follow him, he truly trusts us with his mission in the world.

Tuesday – Matthew 4.17-25. As we lay down our nets and follow Jesus, the next step is to then pick up our new selves. We were created, “to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” This passage has so many good instructions and reminders for those who have taken on the identity of Christ. Representing him means we have to look like him in how we show compassion, in how we forgive, and in how we live our lives. Pray that today you would look more like Christ than you did yesterday.

Wednesday – Psalm 28. We are midway through the week. Spend some time today focusing on the words of this Psalm. What parts of the verse resonate with you? Maybe reread the passage and soak in some of the promises that are found here. “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.”

Thursday – Luke 1.46-55. What powerful words come from someone whose life has just been radically changed. We hear this song of praise, sung by a girl who has just given up her plans, her dreams, her future, in order to live out God’s plan for her life. Change can be difficult. The truth is that when God enters our lives, changes are bound to be made. These changes move us in the direction of looking more like Jesus. However, it is tempting to desire the benefits of the life of a Christian without seeking out the transformation that must take place in our lives. Reread Luke 1:46-55, speaking the words from your heart to God.

Friday – John 20.24-29. Thomas often gets a bad rap as being the disciple who doubted. However, we can learn from how he handles his doubt and as we seek to give up everything to follow him, doubt is something that must be dealt with. Doubt is not toxic, how we choose to handle it can be. Often times when we experience doubt, we tend to keep it to ourselves, hide it from others. This is where doubt becomes toxic. The best way to handle doubt is to express it in the midst of a Christ-minded community. End today by thinking about someone you could begin to express your doubts to.

Saturday – I Corinthians 13. When I think about becoming more like Jesus, often times I turn to this chapter as a blueprint of what this looks like. I ask myself if I look like the love that is described in this chapter. Am I patient? Am I kind? Do I refrain from seeking my own interests? Spend some time this Saturday looking at your life, your relationships, what you do, what you think, and what you say. Where can you more accurately represent Christ?