Christian Holiness and Entire Sanctification

To cooperate with God’s intention to transform our heart and our character involves trusting God and self-surrender. Dr. Dennis Kinlaw in This Day with the Master offers the following scriptural reflections on the life surrendered to Christ’s Lordship.

Monday – Matthew 23.37. “One of the reasons the Jews rejected Jesus was that they could not believe how close He desired to be with them. They were not prepared to make the changes that a relationship with Him would require. The world wants Jesus to keep a respectable distance from them so they can control His influence over their lives. Do you keep Him distant? Surrendering your will in a love relationship with Jesus may at first seem like a sacrifice. However, you soon discover it to be a joy, bringing deeper freedom than you’ve ever known.”

Tuesday – 2 Corinthians 5.14-15; 18-21. In our journey of transformation and sanctification, God wants to give us a heart like His. As we increasingly discover His purity and righteousness, He helps us understand that “He is not our enemy. He is our friend. He is not one to flee from: He is the One we want to be like. At this point, we begin to pray, ‘God can you not merely save me, but can You also change me?’ Answering that prayer is just what He is wanting to do for us.”

Wednesday – Psalm 86.11-13. In this psalm, David is praying from a place of difficulty and danger. Yet, His prayer moves from His circumstances to deal with the condition of His soul. “God desires that each follower of Jesus Christ makes this pilgrimage: to move from prayer for changed circumstances to praying for a united heart. Of all the human aspirations and dreams, that longing for inner unity may be the deepest hunger of the human soul—to have a heart completely united in commitment to God. We want to be as committed to Him as he is to us.

Thursday – Isaiah 42.5-9. “A pure heart is an essential ingredient for accomplishing the mission that Jesus has given His followers, which is the redemption of the world. We are to surrender totally and completely to the One who gave Himself for all people, and when we do, He uses us to accomplish His purpose: that all persons might know Him. One indication that American Christians need a deeper work of grace is the number of them living without any passion for the lost.” Ask the Lord for a longing to be fully surrendered to Him, united with His heart.

Friday – Matthew 5.6. “The best gift God can give to any person is a hunger for Himself. There is nothing we can do to make ourselves hungry for God. All salvation is from God and if we give Him a chance, He will instill a hunger within. If that hunger is fed, He will intensify it until it is the burning passion of our life. That hunger is a promise of His presence. He will not take all our troubles away, but He will be with us in the middle of them. He will endure them with us.”

Saturday – John 8.31-36. “Jesus asks us, ‘Are you willing to let Me take your life and spend it the way I please?’ There is a power in the Cross that can set us free from the tyranny of self-interest that either controls or contaminates our lives. If we let Jesus set us free, we can relax and rest in Him—no longer driven to merely strive for what we desire for ourselves. We will find that His desires become ours. That oneness is the real freedom.”