Blessings Along the Journey

This week, let’s enjoy Scripture passages and reflections that guide us in giving thanks to God.

Monday – Psalm 106.1-2. The psalmists often praise God for His goodness. Ask yourself, “Am I thankful that God is completely and totally good? Or, do I take His goodness for granted?” Today, focus your thoughts on the goodness of God.

Tuesday – Matthew 19.16-17. “In all of his stories, Jesus describes a God who seems altogether good and is always out for our good, even if we cannot understand it” (James Bryan Smith, Knowing the Good and Beautiful God). We can only trust someone if we believe that they have our best interest at heart. Today, you and I can testify of our trust in His goodness by expressing thanks, even in challenging times.

Wednesday – 1 Chronicles 16. 8-10. The people of Israel were taught to remember God’s mighty acts on their behalf throughout their history. For example, they often would recount God’s mercy in delivering their ancestors from slavery in Egypt. In a real sense, their trust in God for the future increased as they gave thanks for His faithfulness in the past. Today, take time to prayerfully reflect on God’s faithfulness in your life’s story. Gratitude is a tangible expression of your trust in Him.

Thursday – Daniel 2. 19-20,23. Daniel often needed and relied on God’s knowledge and wisdom to be faithful to the Lord. In exile, he found himself in situations where he desperately needed God’s insight. In this passage, he is praising God for providing him with wise insight into the meaning of the king’s dream. Reflect on experiences where you’ve asked for, and relied upon the wise counsel of God. Express thanks for His wisdom that He shares generously when we seek Him.

Friday – Luke 17.15-17. Just like nine of the ten lepers that Jesus healed, do we also often fail to offer thanks for God’s good work in our lives? For them, it was restored health, which removed their status as untouchable outcasts. For one of the ten, a Samaritan, it was different. Overwhelmed with gratitude to God, Luke says that he “threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him.” What brings you to your knees in gratitude to God? Let’s enjoy expressing thanks to Him today.

Saturday – 1 Thessalonians 1.2-3. Paul found encouragement and gratitude as he thought of the faith of others that produced good works, prompted by love for Christ. Today, reflect on your life to this point, identifying people that God has used to encourage you in your life in Christ. Say their names aloud, or write them down in your journal. Thank God for them. Select one person from your list to call, visit, or write a note of thanks. Express your gratitude for God’s gift of that person in your life.